Monday, April 16, 2012

Too Early

This morning I texted someone at 6:16am. I wanted them to know how I felt and I thought they will pick it up when they awake and know how grateful I was for their kindness and generosity on Saturday.  All I succeeded in doing was disturbing them.  Yikes.

It reminded me of the day I heard Newborn for the first time.  I was on my way to London to meet a friend for some football activity and was stood on Stockport station Londonbound Platform.  I forget the number and since they invented Platform 0, I don't think I will ever be able to work out which platform it was. It may have been 6:16, who knows, but I listened to that amazing song.  At the end I was so moved by it and so delighted by it that I had to phone Guy - he was the only member of the band I have ever phoned. On that day I didn't even think to check the time I just was moved by the emotion and that was pure joy.  Garvey answered with the warmth and friendliness that the world now finds synonmous with his name. I chattered and gushed he took the complement.  I let him get back to his sleep or all night drinking session.  It was special believe me.

I realised in those instants that I was dealing with a great talent in the band and lovely bloke in Guy.  It was a special moment.